Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
Kiss, Kiss

Monday, January 24, 2011

After mischief a rest

Here are both Benny and Raven tolerantly posing for me while I ask them to look directly into the sun:
So, photography is not really my thing, I am using a borrowed camera, but both Benny and Raven tolerate
me pretty well as I learn!
So after a day of stealing bones yesterday,  today Benny slept more.  I started him on the sulphur again today, 12 c sulphur one tab three times per day.  I also began giving Benny 1 tab phosphorus 30 c anytime he bleeds.  Benny's skin is so fragile that when he scratches himself he bleeds.  I know that Benny is healing quickly and yet I sure wish that I could wave a magic wand and heal his skin overnight. 
Here is another very inspiring story of Santos, a dog with Mange who was saved recently and is being helped like Benny:

Benny loves his letters which I read to him every day.  Benny wishes Monica, Mouse, Edward and Anubis all the best with you older German Shepard adoption and thanks you for your big, big hearts.  "Hi" to Mike and Holly in WA and thank you for your help.  Now Benny would like to also thank Gabbs for the suggestion that he always miss a camera shot to get a bone!  I am not so sure I agree with this, but not my blog!
In deep appreciation to you all,


  1. Benny, I went to the holistic vet in Reno today. She says that I am a real sweet dog. Every one who saw me today said how cute I was. They don't know my potential.
    My mom has a lot of info for your mom and she'll send it along shortly. She also says to tell Patti thank you for the info on the silver and on how to do a blog.
    Kathi says that she is glad that the Reiki is helping. Sleep well tonight.

  2. You have quite a fan club, Benny. I feel like I'm at a Who concert back in the day. You sure play a mean pinball. Benny, I love to see the photo of you and Raven. You both look so sweet and like such good friends. You both give the name Reunion such a special meaning. Thank you, sweet dreams. And sweet dreams to Raven, too. Hi, Patti.