Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
Kiss, Kiss

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Benny's diet

Here is Benny napping this afternoon surrounded by bones he has collected from Raven.  Yesterday I began to add raw organic turkey into Benny's diet.  I am working to the point where I have Benny on what is called the BARF diet developed by veterinarian Dr Ian Billinghurst.  BARF stands for Bones and Raw Food diet.  There is alot of information available on the web, here is just one website that provides information  if you are interested in learning more about this way of feeding you dog (or cat):
I have continued to spray Benny with the colloidal silver, sulphur tabs and filtered water solution.  He received a Reiki session from Kathi  ( last night and was able to sleep much more easefully.   Actually since his rough night two days ago I have seen continued improvement  in his ability to sleep.
Today Benny had a second session of emotion code work with Linda after which he slept for about 4 hours . ( .

You can also see in the above photo that Benny is continuing to put on some much needed weight.
Wishing everyone a restful weekend,


  1. Benny, you look beautiful. What a wonderful way to end my day. You make me realize what life should be like. I hope it's ok to say so, but your skin and feet look like they are healing. The skin looks like perhaps it's scabbing over and soon will make way for healthy Benny flesh! I think you are the most beautiful dog I've ever seen. I haven't said this before, but the feeling of loss regarding some of the dogs I've not been able to help is being eased by having you in my life. We are healing each other. Thank you.

  2. I love offering Reiki to Benny. The connection is so deep. I put my little foster pup Elsie in with his session because she has mange too. I believe that Benny can help Elsie and she can help him. They both love their naps.
    Patti, how much water, cs and sulpher do you use? I am going to start spraying Elsie tomorrow with lemon water but I was thinking of adding cs and sulpher too. thanks