Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
Kiss, Kiss

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The bone theif!

This was meant to be a photo of Benny and Raven, however, Benny is moving quickly out of the photo.  Yes, while Raven is tolerantly waiting for the photo shoot to be over Benny is making a shuffle to Ravens bone (mind you he also has his own)
Here he is shuffling off with her bone:
and now here he is enjoying the catch:

Raven and I watched the whole escapade.  Then Raven calmly picked up Benny's bone and all was well!
On another note, I continued adding raw ground turkey to Benny's diet.  He LOVES it!  The solution that I spray on him to help with the itching is 3.5 cups filtered h20, two 12cc sulphur tabs, and a half cup colloidal silver.  My friend Jan makes the colloidal silver for Benny as her gift to him.
I also make sure that Benny has clean bedding every day and wash the day old bedding in hot water and a very mild detergent.
I am finally able to touch Benny's feet without that hurting him so today, clipped his nails.  Here is a very helpful way to clip a dogs nails as shared by my friend Cindy.  Give the dog a long warm bath and the nails will get soft, then clip the nails in the water.  This really worked for me.
Wishing you a day filled with bones (or whatever your heart desires)


  1. Hi, Benny...bones to you...I am thinking of you and feeling warm and fuzzy all over. You have such a good energy. Did you get my message today? You are a champion. We are all watching you and glowing in your progress.

    This is from Clare..she is your sweet English rose who sends you all of the good health and love, but can't get the blog site to cooperate.

    How lovely! Benny is doing so well, and most of the inflammation and heat in his skin is easing nicely. His bad night was yet another clear-out, which he tolerated well as he knew it was a positive thing. I tried again to comment on the blog yesterday, but it still won't let me.

  2. Smart Benny. Never play to the camera when you can snag a bone. You are a survivor

  3. Hey Benny, Kathi is typing this for me. I have found my foster sister's bone stash and make use of it whenever I have enough energy to chew on one.
    My foster mom, Kathi, is looking for a source for the silver that is used to make the colloidal silver. Do you think that you can have your mom ask Jan where she got her silver from?
    It's nice to know that I am not alone in this journey. It's also nice to know that there are people out there that look beyond our outward appearance to see how beautiful we really are.
    Namaste Benny

  4. Good Morning, Sweet Benny!
    Me and Edward and Mouse and Anubis are very excited because we were just approved by a German Shepherd rescue organization to get an older doggie who is looking for a forever home. I'll introduce you to him when we meet him...that will make 4 internet brothers out here (and me, your human sister too) who are pulling for your recovery...Thinking of you and sending love and virtual hugs on the wind.

    :) Monica

  5. Clare wrote: "Fabulous! The great thing is that Raven knew exactly what Benny was up to as she posed for the camera, yet tolerantly let him think he had "got away with it". Benny's first mischief! I am like a proud mommy! x"