Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
Kiss, Kiss

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Enjoying the sunshine

Today was Benny's most active day so far.  In the above photo he is sitting with his eyes closed enjoying the sun.  He is continuing to walk up and down the stairs on his own since his Reiki session with Kathi.  He also walked around the yard, the whole yard for the first time.  He enjoyed sniffing, sitting in the sun. and some neighbors who as they walked by said "Hi Benny."
Benny's appetite is good and I am still either spraying or bathing him daily in a solution of colloidal silver, filtered water and sulphur tabs.  I give him one pulsatilla 30 tab if he coughs.
Benny walking about.

Sniffing the area.
All for today...Love, naps and sunshine to everyone,


  1. Benny! You look mah-velous!!! I am so happy to see you learning to enjoy life. You are showing me how to stop and smell the pine cones. I think I will write my blog on Benny tomorrow. Bless you and Patti. Gosh, I feel so good. What a wonderful sad old world. Sweet dreams, Benny.

  2. Hey Benny. Benny says "Hey." Glad you have gorgeous weather for your walk about. I wish we knew how you got where you were. All I got was that you were left in a neighbors care and then the owner never came back. Life sucks sometimes, but dogs live through it. You have a unique ability to forget the past and enjoy the present. Enjoy the sunshine and the pinecones. There are many people that love you.