Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
Kiss, Kiss

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Heart is still strong

Benny sitting by his crate listening to his letters.

Donna mentioned in a letter she wrote to Benny today that, " no matter what horrible things happen to our bodies the heart is still strong and Benny you are a sign of that."
So many of us are signs of that......we grow in compassion even though we have been through horrible things and continue on because we deeply feel the unspeakable suffering of this world.
Today in some other letters I heard about two other dogs, Pax and Mr Sweets who are being rescued and are also very ill.  Please include them in your prayers and loving thoughts.
Both Benny and I appreciate all of your encouragement.  We all need encouragement,  it is a deeply nurturing form of communication, the opposite of criticism.  I am amazed by how each one of us play a part in the large community of planet earth.  If it were not for the caring actions of numerous people Benny (and many many other beings) would not be alive today.  I am grateful to be a part of a large community of people, all of us very different in many aspects (color, religious traditions, countries we live in) who are making a difference by working together cooperatively with compassion and care.  Somehow, each of us insists as individuals, that we overcome our critical orientation towards others (and ourselves) thus enabling us to work together with tolerance for our differences.  I know that for true change to occur none of this can be done gleefully or naively but rather with truthful communication, self understanding and compassionate understanding for others.  It truly takes compassion, cooperation, and love to make a difference.....and would we want anything less?
Much love to you all,


  1. Sweet Benny, we love you and are sending healing energy all the time. Hang in there, before long we'll see you smile and maybe forget that other life. Gentle hugs and kisses.
    Monica, Edward, Mouse and Anubis

  2. Hi Benny!...and the lovely Patti and Raven, too!
    My 3 rescues, Sadie Louise (yellow lab), Dahvee Rose (choc. lab mix), and Abigail Libi (Black DSH...altho' she thinks she's a dog, too! LOL) have enjoyed reading your remarkable story. We are all so very happy and blessed for you and by you. May you continue to heal and grow strong and may your spirit inspire others to continue hoping, continue believing, and continue loving! Sending prayers for continued health and wholeness to you!!
    Deborah, Sadie,Dahvee, & Abbie

  3. Hi Benny,

    I just read your story and I want you to know that Myself, Riley (rescued labx), Jake(rescued rotti), and Tigger and Tyson (2 rescued cats) are all wishing you well here in NY. Hang in there our friend, you are getting better every day and we will be here cheering you on.


  4. I was really sad and upset when I first heard about Benny and his pain. I am so grateful that you are able to heal Benny and all of his wounds, both internally and externally. There are so many bad people in the world but thank you for reminding me there are still good people. Every creature is worth saving and loving. I will pray for Benny, Pax and Mr. Sweets. Thank you for updating us on his status and please let him know we are rooting for him and for a speedy recovery. Thank you for showing compassion and love.