Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
Kiss, Kiss

Saturday, January 29, 2011

In Gallup NM

We arrived in Gallup NM tonight.  What a day of contrasts.  First we were in the Mojave desert, before noon it was a sunny 70 degrees!  Here is Benny on walkabout in the Mojave:
We continued on to Flagstaff AZ where there was snow on the sides of the road and the temps went into the 40's.  Here is a photo of Benny investigating outside of Flagstaff:

Benny is continuing to get more agile (and I am sure we have Kathi to thank for this with her ongoing Reiki sessions) I had the back car door open and was putting away Benny's water when he looks up at his 'seat' and jumps up and onto the back seat!  Another huge step for Benny!  I am continuing with his spray and the 3x's/day three drops of Waoria.  Benny loves raw chicken wings and is not currently interested in eating anything else!
Snoring away,


  1. Wow Benny! Quite the little acrobat you are now. You must be feeling better and I bet even a little excited about your forever home. Please hug your human. She is going to miss you but her heart is always with you. And don't forget, all of us are with you, rooting you on. You were meant to be here Benny. You have made such a difference in our life and of all the lives of our friends who have caught the benny fever. Who says you can't change the world one dog and one human at a time! You can and you are proof. Thank you for inspiring all of us. And sweet sweet dreams to you.

  2. What SAS said. So glad that you are feeling well enough to get into the car. Elsie has learned how to jump into the front seat of the truck.
    When the student is ready the teacher will appear. You have appeared at the right time for many of us. Blessings to you and Patti.
    P.S. Elsie snores too.

  3. need to have your own travel program...cross country with Benny...or Benny's Path...whoever knew three weeks ago you would be making this incredible journey with Patti. I am forever indebted to you Patti for loving Benny and bringing him to Texas. These photographs are astounding.

  4. What a wonderfully inspiring love story! SO happy for you dear little Benny! Seeing you in the photographs and hearing about your progress has been such a gift. Thank you Patti and all who saved him!