Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Peace be upon us all

Benny and Raven after a peaceful nights sleep:
This is Benny and Raven enjoying the mid afternoon sun.  Benny slept much more peacefully last night.  I truly believe that every ones wishes, hopes and prayers for Benny made the difference.  I remember years ago on PBS there was a program called: "The Secret Life of Plants" and in the show it was scientifically shown that a plant can react to a negative thought.  When we become sensitive to life beyond what we can actually see it becomes clear that we are more than merely physical, we are also energy bodies.  Our energy extends and communicates to others our emotional, mental and psychic states.  How many of us have been in the uncomfortable presence of someone who is transmitting their anger without a word being said. What happens if we think a negative thought?  If a plant can react to a negative thought what else does?  Benny was the recipient of so many positive and healing thoughts last night that he was assisted and helped with being able to sleep.  Yes, he still had pain and needed to shift around, however he only sat up to shift and then, in his careful manner laid back down and slept in his new position.
This implies, to me anyway, that it is important for us to be responsible for our energy-responsible, therefore, for our emotional state and the impact our energy can have on others.  Our non-human friends are such gifts for reflecting back to us what kind of energy we are transmitting.
I can tell you that Benny, Raven and I are all deeply grateful for your peaceful and loving wishes and the healing power they gave.
May Peace be upon us all
Love, Benny

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  1. well said and absolutely true. more wishes for a peaceful nights sleep Benny.