Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Periods of Peace to Refresh the Soul - Teilchard de Chardin

Today was a day of peaceful resting, sniffing a little, napping in the sun, sitting with eyes closed in the sun and napping some more.  Benny has, prior to today had a hard time sleeping for long periods of time.  His body hurts and so he shifts frequently, i.e., has to sit up, stand up, find a new position and all of these movements are done very slowly and with groans that let me know he is hurting.  This morning Linda did emotion code work with Benny.  Since that time he has begun to actually peacefully rest and sleep for longer periods of time.  He slept for 4 solid hours this afternoon without having to adjust.  What a gift to sleep peacefully....for any of us.    Here is Linda's web site which explains this healing work:   I forgot to mention yesterday that for both yesterday and today I have given Benny no Pulsatilla 30.  So for 2 days now, no homeopathy.  Today I added some cooked beef to Benny's diet in addition to the cooked chicken and lessened the amount of cooked rice and cottage cheese.  Skipped the yogurt today as well. 
Benny shuffled to say hi to one of the neighbors who comes over to visit Benny.  The neighbor was very moved, to the point of tears by the shuffle hello, prior to this he had only seen Benny walking s-l-o-w-l-y!
Benny and Raven sniffing:
Napping in the sun:

Eyes closed  in a sitting position!

Up from one of the naps:

May you all sleep peacefully tonight,


  1. Benny, I am listening to animals better now that you have come into my life. You are teaching me to listen with my whole body. Now, I'm trying to 'hear' what I should be learning. You have opened up my way of living. Benny, you are like a Buddha and a Gandhi to me, a messiah and prophet..with a little bit of rockstar thrown in. Benny, I'm so glad to know the song. You make my heart sing.

  2. Reading your blog every night has become a routine in our household. After we eat dinner, have cleared the table and are getting ready to settle in for the night, we pull out the laptop and like excited little kids, we log on to read about your day. Benny, thank you for sharing with us. There is good in the world, even though sometimes, it takes a while to find. You remind me that there is good in the world every night when we read your blog. Thank you Benny!

  3. I too look forward to reading about how your day went and the new things you are finding. Last night you felt so peaceful. I will try to send you Reiki today, during the day, so that you may rest easier. We all love you so much Benny. Namaste.

  4. We are all happy that you are resting better. It is cold here and we are snuggled down and napping too. I now understand the term dog pile so much better. We are sending our snuggle energy your way Benny and can't wait for the day that you can snuggle w/ Patti and Raven in the bed. It will come soon!!