Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rough night

Last night was a rough night for Benny and he has had several of them over the course of the past couple weeks.  They take different forms and yet they are all a part of his detoxing and recovery.  There have been a number of nights where he coughed out a lot of gunk.   Some nights where he just had to get up every couple of hours to go out.   Last night appeared to be more of an emotional release.  He could not get physically comfortable, his body shook at times, he coughed, let out long breaths.  He wasn't able to get comfortable lying down so sat up most of the night.  I sat with him and he frequently rested his head on my knee.  As I sat with him I thought of how all over this beautiful blue green planet earth so many of us, both human and non human were sitting with our loved ones who were ill and praying for them to have comfort.  I thought of the times my partner Michael, friends, and family had sat with me through hard times.  I thought of those of you who have sent your love and blessings to Benny.  How many of us were up together last night, loving without expectation and of all the many forms that love takes.  And I was grateful to be part of this mystery we live in.

Once the sun came out Benny went out to sit in it with Raven.  They walked down to where the sun was shining brightly.  Across the street from them is one of our neighbor dog who barks most of the day.  I think he is anxious.  If anyone walks by or he can see anyone the barking increases in intensity and volume.  Once Benny got down to where the neighbor dog was barking, amazingly, the dog quieted down, stopped barking actually.  They looked at each other from across the way.  Then Benny, Raven, and the neighbor dog from their various seated positions, quietly observed the rhythm of life around them.    

Looking to the left

Looking to the right

Wishing loving comfort to all of you,


  1. Oh, how wonderful to read this every day, Patti. What a nice moment I'm having right now. I was sad earlier and kept thinking of Benny and to cheer up and be strong. I haven't known near the abuse and pain he's been through and just look at him learning to live, love life and trust humans. Have I told you yet how lucky Benny and I am to know you and Raven, Patti? Have I mentioned today how blessed I am to know Benny. Thank you, Benny, for the life lesson. Have patience with me. I'll get it. I promise.

  2. Benny you brought serious tears to my eyes tonight. My heart aches for you and I'm sending you extra loving and healing vibes. You have emotional and physical healing to do but you've already taken the first steps and that included giving humans a second chance. Your human is dedicated to your recovery and it eases my emotions to know you are being taken care of with so much love. Dogs have good days and bad days too but I have a feeling you will be having more and more good days as you heal. I'll ask the spirits to wrap you in comfort tonight and to give you a peaceful restful sleep. Sleep well Benny!

  3. Ah, more Benny lessons. Live in the now for that is all we really have. No need to bark about what may or may not be. Sweet sleep. Namaste

  4. Hi Benny,
    We're all pulling for you to recover well and quickly, but I know very well about achy bones and parts and how one can lose a lot of sleep because of it. I'll think of you and send healing energy whenever I'm lying in bed feeling self-pity! You've got troubles to overcome that I can't even imagine. Sweet angel, wishing you deep sleep and dreams of frolicking without effort in whichever paradise you can imagine. Some day I hope to meet you in person and give you happy hugs, but virtual ones will have to do for now. LOVE LOVE LOVE
    Monica, Edward, Mouse and Anubis

  5. This animal is in pain, and your waiting and hoping that homeopathic medicine is going to work? this is cruel get him to a western Dr to help him ASAP or he is going to die a miserable death. How blind can you be?