Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
Kiss, Kiss

Monday, January 10, 2011

the smell of pine cones!

Today Benny was very interested in pine cones.  He is starting to walk a bit faster and as you will see in the following photos is gaining weight and hair.  I am continuing to give him, by hand one 12cc sulphur 3X's per day.  He is eating and drinking well.  I am also continuing to spray him with the mixture of colloidal silver, filtered water and a couple 12cc sulphur tablets. 
I have Benny in his crate in my bedroom.  He is very good about heading right into it when we come back inside.  Last night he came into my room and walked over to my bed. ( My dog Raven sleeps in bed with me.)  Benny looked at the bed then looked at me, looked at the bed again...back at me.  I told him that when he was healthy he would be able to sleep on a bed.  At that point he went into his crate!  He enjoyed hearing from Serendipity yesterday about how good he looks!
 Pine cone sniffing
 The image below is of Raven, my rescue.  She has been showing Benny the way in and out of the house!


  1. Keep those photos and updates coming! Benny is looking better every day, and I am fascinated that he is doing so well without traditional medicine.

    I thought he was all pit when I first saw him, but you're right - that wrinkled face has some Shar Pei in it!

    - Alexandra Fiona Dixon (aka Serendipity)

  2. Hi Benny! It's so nice to see you sniffing pine cones. What a difference from sitting with your eyes closed in that icky place you were at. Me and my three kitties Edward, Anubis and Mouse are watching your progress and very happy to have been able to take part in your escape and redemption, small though it was. The beautiful Lady Patti is going to make it all better, and Raven is really watching out for you - everything is better now and will only improve so you can relax and enjoy your life from here on out. Hugs and kisses from the gang,
    Monica Lucas