Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
Kiss, Kiss

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Strong and friendly heart

Here is one of the messages Benny received:   " Benny, I can feel your courage, feel your strong and friendly heart outshining the bodily pain and cowardly betrayal done to you in the past. May you continue to grow stronger and happier each day, and may you be loved always henceforth. "  from Bob Kalivac Carroll
I read all of your letters to Benny and often end up smiling, laughing or with tears in my eyes.  I have a sense that our most important moments in life are when we Love.  Then not only are we connected to love....but we are love.  To really grow as humans I think occurs when, regardless of the circumstance, we love.  This takes great strength and sacrifice because often it is in the face of obvious 'unlove' that we are tested.  And those challenging moments are where we grow our hearts.  I thank each of you for your messages of love and encouragement...they matter and make a difference.  There are probably plenty of times when you have given a loving message, touch, or smile and it seemed like it made no difference.  It did make a difference, even if you never see any indication, love any time it is given makes a difference.

Here is Benny eating!
Here is an image of one of Benny's very sore legs:

here is an image of Benny's face (a bit overexposed )

 May you be loved and love always henceforth,

Benny...with inspiration and a touch of copying from Bob K. Carroll

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  1. Hi, Benny..hi, Patti!!

    Please keep being a strong boy. You are a survivor and you are helping us be strong, too, Benny. Thank you for being in our lives. You are a blessing and a jewel.