Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
Kiss, Kiss

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wagging Tails

Here Benny is responding to his name being called!   You can't see it but anytime someone calls his name he looks at them and wags his tail.  Benny's appetite is very good and he is hydrated and drinking well.  I am adding cottage cheese and pumpkin to his diet.  Today Benny was interested in his environment and wanted to look around and explore more.  I think that Benny is a Shar-Pei mix.
It looks like after his bath yesterday in the colloidal silver, sulphur tablets and filtered water mix that his feet are much less red.  I'll take some photos of his feet tomorrow.
Thank you everyone for your comments....I read them aloud to Benny and we both feel supported.  He is grateful to everyone who has helped him by sending their love, hard earned money, and prayers and he wants you to know that he is going to get well.


  1. Hey! How are ya'll? What a babe...I love the photo of you and Benny on the porch...he looks so hopeful...for the first time in his life.

  2. Hi Benny. Glad you are up and about. I have a mange pup I got last summer from Delano, just down the road from Turlock. His name is Benny also. And he is brindle. He's all better now and is cheering you on.