Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
Kiss, Kiss

Friday, January 28, 2011

We made it to Barstow CA

We made it through heavy fog and traffic to arrive this evening in Barstow CA.  Here is a photo of Benny exploring outside of Bakersfield CA:
Benny is an excellent traveler.  His appetite is down today for the first time so I am a bit concerned about that.  He is normally a very good eater.  I have stopped giving him any homeopathic remedies and am continuing with the waiora 3x/day and his spray.  He is asleep in his bed next to me, snoring softly as I write this blog.  A couple of people greeted him today and he was friendly with each person.  That to me is truly inspiring after all he has been through.
We will write to you tomorrow (if we can get computer access) until then Happy road trips,


  1. Benny, I hope you are enjoying your first road trip. You might be a bit nervous, hence your reduced appetite, but know that you are surrounded by good humans who are devoted to your well being and happiness. I'm glad you are meeting new people and are ok with that. Happy trails Benny and we look forward to hearing more about your adventures!

  2. Hey, Benny! Welcome to Bakersfield hahaha...You know there is a group called Streets of Bakersfield we started to help those animals find rides to homes in southern and northern California.

    I came here looking for something
    I couldn't find anywhere else
    Hey, I'm not trying to be nobody
    Just want a chance to be myself

    I've done a thousand miles of thumbin'
    I've worn holes in both my heels
    Trying to find me something better
    On the streets of Bakersfield

    Love you so much, Benny..I can't wait to see you in person. Bless yours and Patti's trip. I talked to Doug tonight and he is planning for your arrival. There are lots of other dogs there. It's like a heaven on earth for dogs. Many of these dogs had bad things happen to them and they held on just like you did. They hoped when there was nothing to hope for. They made it to Doug's and have happiness and love twenty four hours a day seven days a week.

  3. Ah, Barstow. You did good for your first day Benny. Elsie has been going with me to the local shelter to offer Reiki to a very shy girl there. Everyone who sees her comments on how cute she is. Many people here don't know about mange. Thankfully we don't have fleas here and now I am noticing that there isn't mange either. I noticed that my bloodhound/shepherd, Tide's mange cleared up when we moved up here. I'm beginning to think I should open up a spa here for mange pups.
    It sounds like you are really going to love Doug's place. I am so excited for you. Connect with you tonight. Group session. Wohoo!!!!