Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
Kiss, Kiss

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Benny and the Pack

The whole pack has bonded to Benny and they take turns doing a daily 'Benny cleaning', sometimes 2 or 3 dogs working on him at the same time.  The photo above is Monty cleaning Benny's ears.  And yes, that is the same orange ball that Benny took everywhere in previous photos!
Doug gave Benny a bath today too.  After each bath more old skin washes away and he looks better and better!  Here are a couple more photos of Benny after his bath, with his orange ball:

Now that's a beautiful Benny Face!

Wishing you lots of friends who help you stay clean,


  1. Benny you are so lucky to have friends that will help you stay clean. Elsie gets a lick here and there but mostly it's play and nap time. The humans take care of the baths here. I am looking for new hair all the time.
    Elsie has discovered fruit. She loves apples and blueberries! Do you get any fruit in your food yet?
    Here's to more cleanings and lots of new hair growth. Namaste

  2. Well, my comment went away before I could type in the secret word..did you do that, Benny? I guess I got too negative. You are right. Let that out and keep breathing in the good positive vibes. I always feel better when I speak with Benny. I loved hearing you laugh and yelp and talk on the phone today. When Benny's happy, I'm happy.