Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
Kiss, Kiss

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Celebrating new friends

As many of you have probably heard, it is COLD in Texas!  Benny has only a few little scruffy patches of fur and thus he is not real thrilled shall we say about being outside in 17 degree weather.  Here is a photo of where he likes to spend time wth his new friends:
Yesterday our hero, Doug, weighed Benny and he weighs 43lbs.  When I picked Benny up from the vets he weighed 30lbs and could hardly walk.  What progress.  The above photo is Benny eating some raw chicken.
Benny is making new friends and happily fitting in.

We are heart beings.  It is what we want to celebrate with each other.
Wishing you heart friends and celebration,


  1. Holy cow Benny, you have a whole farm of new dog friends! How many are there? How wonderful! You all look so peaceful. I don't blame you either about the cold weather. I don't so much like it either and neither do our 3 dogs. Benny you look great and we are so happy to know you are fitting in well to your new pack. Sleep well Benny!

  2. Hi, Benny ... and Patti...even tho we are many miles apart, I feel so close to you right now..courtesy of our dear friend, Benny. It has been colder than a witch's tit in a brass bra here! I just got water tonight and took a long long long hot hot hot shower! I have clothes washing and all the dishes are finally clean. I really felt trailer park.

    Benny got a bath today. I asked Doug how he did and Doug said he didn't like it very much, but it had to feel kind of good. Benny and I have that in common today. We were both in need of a bath. I can really understand how Benny feels skin-wise as I have very sensitive skin.

    My dog, Tex, who's deaf has chronic skin issues. I have tried everything for over five and a half years...he's raw fed and homeopathically treated, white, of course. I cannot seem to get a handle on those hotspots. I'm trying a new source of protein for him. Just today, he went off chicken and will try something new.

    More to come...hey, to Benny. Sleep tight, good friend.

  3. A long way from Turlock Benny. Wishing you love, joy and peace in your new life.

    Kris and the other mangy Benny

  4. Namaste Benny, Namaste. Elsie says that the cold is only temporary and there is always inside where it is warm. She has more hair than you and more is growing in every day. Grateful for Cindy's guidance everyday. So, stay warm and enjoy your new friends, dog and human.

  5. sweet Benny, soon it will be Spring and you will like it. Love you.