Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Connection to All

Here is Benny today with some of his friends:

A number of years ago I heard a talking given by Dr Marty Becker on, 'The Healing Power of Pets'.  He also has a very interesting book published by the same name.  He presents quite a bit of scientific knowledge to back up his premise that "The Bond" as he calls it between humans and animals is healing.  In the area of stress, just 15 minutes petting your dog or cat  releases oxytocin, a hormone that calms and reduces the negative affects of stress.   I am guessing that anyone reading this blog already knows this!

Quite a number of Traditional cultures looked to the non humans as a source of wisdom, as a way of connecting to something larger than the human sphere of existence.  I have often found that simply sitting in the sun with my dog Raven, listening to birds singing, the sound of the wind going through trees does expand my feeling of connectedness with all beings. To me, feeling connected to all is a gift of such magnitude, given freely to us by the non humans,that I sometimes can't believe it isn't announced as a national headline on a major TV channel!  I don't know that it could be scientifically proven, perhaps someday.  Until then however I am deeply grateful to all of the non humans who still give us humans a chance.
Benny here, sending love to all,

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  1. Hey, Benny and Patti! And Raven! has been a long few days. I am finished writing my article about a little boy named Rusty who is in the Seagoville Shelter and could use a boost. Thank you, Patti for all of your support and communication with Squirt. I am so full and happy tonight. It was great seeing you, Benny. You are an endless tunnel of love. Every day I know you, I'm just astounded by the lives you touch including mine. You make all of us better beings. I just wanted you to know, but you already do.