Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
Kiss, Kiss

Monday, February 28, 2011


Benny has no more scabs on his body.  He has a few rough feeling areas and is growing fur all over though it is still a bit hard to see.  I will not be updating Benny's blog as frequently and yet will keep you aware of his progress, his fur as it continues to show more and any other interesting tidbits.
Here are a couple more photos of frisky Benny playing with Billy:

Wishing you all fun with your friends,


  1. Yay Benny. Healthy and happy boy. These pictures of him playing are great. Doug has quite the eye.

  2. Benny you crack me. You are so joyous and lively. I remember when you couldn't take one step, then I remember when you took a few steps, then you trotted, then you ran. You are quite the inspiration. I'm proud of you. Just because the blog won't be as active, don't forget we still think of you everyday. We will sorely miss reading about you nightly but we still send our love to you with out fail. Please tell Patti and Doug to keep us updated here and there. All the love in the world to you Benny!

  3. Hi, Benny...both on the blog and in person. I got to see you face to face and give you some hugs and kisses today. The high point of my week. Bless your heart, Benny. Please send some good strong energy and help me find places for Guido, William, Hazel, Petey Pie and Mr. Sweets like you are enjoying. I know you can do it, so, Benny, get to it!