Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Letting Go

When I agreed to foster Benny I knew that would also mean enduring the grief of letting him go.  Actually that is true for all depthful relationships, if we are going to agree to get into this type of relationship, with a human or non human, we are also agreeing to enduring the difficulties that are always a part of the process.  Change is a part of every relationship so fundamental to love then, is letting go.

Love requires letting go.  It requires allowing for growth, supporting growth, giving love rather than withholding it even though you know the human or non human will leave in some form.  Love is different from attachment which occurs when you want something back and leads to suppression, manipulation, and resistance.

When someone you love dies or moves on you are going to grieve and yet their are two very different ways to grieve.  One is to dramatize the attachment game and not let the person go, and the other is to participate in the transition with real feeling and let the human/non human go.  Both of these are expressions of grief and both will result in many tears.  In one case you are shedding tears for yourself, in the other you are releasing the human/non human and participating in their transition.

Letting go of Benny has resulted in many tears and yet, look at the photo of Benny copied below.  He is playing with Doug's hand, he is happy, his face is full of life, he is thriving and this is what he needed for his growth:

May you all be Blessed with Love and letting go,

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  1. I have much to ponder tonight since I missed last nights post. Things I have known but have put aside to deal with the urgency of what is in front of me. Namaste