Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Life at the Speed of Benny

Here is Benny enjoying the sun in Texas
When Benny was here in California with us he began a tradition that Raven has continued.  He had what we called "Benny's spots".  These were places where he sat in the sun and as the sun moved his places moved.  Raven now continues to rest in the sun in "Benny's spots, something she had not done until Benny's arrival.  Also, because Benny initially moved very slowly we coined a term, "Benny's speed."  While there is much research that indicates that when a person is hurrying they are not anywhere near as efficient at accomplishing any task as when doing the same activity calmly, I wasn't convinced.  Okay, I have realized that I can drive faster and still end up at the same red light as everyone else.  I had not realized how much more enjoyment there was in life that has everything to do with being in the moment.  I hadn't realized that anything I ever desired or needed is right here, right now.  There is nothing in the future to rush off to that can offer me anything more than this precious moment.  There is nothing in the past to dwell on, everything is right here.  The inner peace and serenity so many of us are looking for is right here, right now.  The speed of Benny is all about simply being present in the now.    Enjoying the sun, the breeze, the dishwater.  And if the present moment is something that could not be called 'enjoyable', then acceptance.
Wishing you the 'speed of Benny',


  1. yes. being in the moment is where it's at...
    thanks for visiting my blog. glad you enjoyed it. i just love all the wonderful sharing that goes on in all of jude's classes.

  2. OH Benny you are the joy of our evenings. We love hearing about how you are doing. I like to see that smile in your face now. You must be starting to realize that everything is OK and that you are truly loved near and far. Sleep good Mr Benny!