Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No turning back, you can only go forward

Patti here saying, "Hello" from snowy New Mexico.  I am slowly making my way back to CA via a huge winter storm!
I want to tell you about Benny's entrance into Doug's pack.  Benny took to Doug immediately, eagerly following him.  Doug brought him to a place where he could smell the pack and they could smell him.  The photo below is some of Doug's pack "smell meeting" Benny from their side of the fence:
As you can see, quite a number of dogs are gathering to meet Benny.  When it was time Doug opened the door and in came Doug and Benny.  Rather quickly Benny wanted to go back into the smelling area, he was afraid.  Doug stepped behind Benny, and said to Benny, "there is no turning back, you can only go forward", and Benny did.  He trusted Doug, and he began getting acquainted and making friends.  Here is another photo:
Benny trundled off and began to explore his new home.  Doug introduced me to his dogs.  All of them have a story, some as heart breaking as Benny's, all are clearly healthy and happy.
I hadn't realized, until I met Cindy and Doug, that my greatest fear for Benny was that his incredible beauty would not be seen.  As soon as I met Cindy and Doug and saw how they interacted with Benny and his response to them I knew his beauty was seen and that he would thrive.  Doug's dogs were quiet, the environment was filled with serenity, dogs and people cooperatively living together.  Benny is continuing to fit in today and is adjusting well.  He is getting waoria three drops, 3 X's/day and receiving his spray when he itches.
Wishing you all support and love to go forward,


  1. Patti, I commend your strength for letting go of Benny so that he could move to the next level in his journey. What a tough thing to do. You are an animal hero and an inspiration to all of us people too! Thanks for your service to Benny. Kim G.

  2. Clare Metcalf I can't see for tears. I read this, and then the one of Benny's introduction to the pack and just sobbed. I understand what he said to me yesterday now. (I was behind on the blog) 3 angels held Benny in their hands and moved him gently down the country to a safe, loving new family. The rest of us carry a piece of Benny in our hearts and wish him a long, happy, healthy and joyful, wonder-ful life. With gratitute for knowing Benny and his earth angels. Today I am blessed x

  3. They all know what Benny is going through. They will share their stories with him and be there for him. Elsie is laying here next to me, dreaming. She too will move forward in her life. The past is only a memory.