Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
Kiss, Kiss

Friday, February 18, 2011

Today was a Benny kind of day....

First off, Patti's out of commission, so you'll have to hear from her stand in. Hopefully, though, Benny will pipe in with a thought or two.

I was with Benny all morning. It was Buddy's chicken delivery, so I got to bring Doug's and my orders over. Doug lets me sort mine out which is huge and helpful. My freezer is downstairs and across the yard in a shed, so being able to sort it at Doug's with all of the doggies around is quite a treat.

Every time we'd empty a carton of chicken, Doug would throw all the melted ice water and chicken blood down for the dogs to lick up like a big dog slushy. Squirt had dried drops all over his head.

Lady was all bff and very vocal. She is such a trip. He had 47 dogs there today. Not too many people can do that. Certainly not me!

At one point, Doug started hollering out, 'Benny. Where's Benny?' With all the other dogs trying to eat through the cartons and party, Benny was just sitting over in another part of the warehouse minding his own business like a little gentleman. That's what he is, a little gentleman.

On my blog, I'm ranting and raving about getting my article pulled. I'm happy I can come over here to Patti and Benny's peaceful blog and go 'om' for a minute. I'll be heading right back over to listen to Iggy Pop tear it up in a little while as I can't be too quiet for too long. But for now, I can take a little breather and be grateful as Benny's teaching me. If he can withstand all of the years of abuse, in his quiet way, he's helping me handle one sort of tough day.


  1. Oh Benny! You look like you are healing so beautifully and you are my inspiration!