Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
Kiss, Kiss

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Yep, here is Benny relaxing poolside:

And here he is basking in the sun:

Sun bathing with friends:

and a close up of Benny's beautiful sunbathing face:

Now, check out his beautiful brindle coat:

Our hero, Doug has been giving Benny omega-3 fish oil capsules and liquid vitamin E supplement to help his skin.  His skin is getting softer, smoother and has more elasticity.  Doug found out that Benny has entropion on his right eye which is why that eye is always excessively watery and squinty.  The veterinarian says he can easily fix it and will do so when Benny goes in to get neutered.

Wishing you all time to relax by the pool,

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet. ~ Edith Wharton

I remember the first time I read the above quote, I immediately began to cry because the truth of it hit me so hard.  I have been thinking about how much our dogs are, for the most part, totally dependent upon us for their care.  When I first picked up Benny, every bone in his body was visible.  This was after being at the vets a couple of days and being given fluids and food.  I honestly was shocked when I first met Benny at the condition he was in.  He looked a lot like Patrick whose story is heartbreaking and hopeful.  Many of us wonder, how does a person, like the woman who starved Patrick, do those kind of behaviors?  Sometimes people who abuse animals are very mentally ill.  That doesn't however account for all cases.  Often when a child abuses an animal it is because there is abuse going on within their own home and they are acting out what they see.  I also think that we live in a society that actually values bullies.  What if we lived in a society where the man who was the most 'manly' of all was the one who protected someone weaker than they are?  And women were valued for her uplifting rather than diminishment of another.  Unfortunately we can't change a culture from outside of the culture.  So saying we disapprove of bullying changes nothing.....we all say we disapprove of bullying.  But, as long as bullies are embraced in this culture, they'll continue.  This is all it takes to be a bully:  the imposition of your will, your desires, your wishes on another human being by force or intimidation. 
So, basically it comes down to being stronger.  I can do whatever I want because I am stronger.  (Stronger emotionally, mentally physically, financially).
It can become very hard to hear the heartbeat at our feet when brought up to value bullying.

Here are some photos that celebrate all of us who came together to make sure there was one more rescued beautiful, heartbeat at our feet:

Wishing you all heartbeats at your feet,
In gratitude and Love,

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kind and Gentle

Here are some beautiful photos of Benny and Kathi meeting in person:

Here is some of what Kathi had to share: "When I arrived Benny was in the front yard with Doug and the rest of the pack was in the dog yard. Such a gentle boy, just like his energy. We snuggled a bit and he sat in my lap, just like you said. He gave me lots of licks. We played with one of the orange balls, the ones he likes. He was so cute the way he runs with those big feet of his. I thought that he would be a bit bigger. He is perfect. And the fur he is growing in is so soft. I spent about 2 hours with him and it wasn't nearly enough."

I will share more from Kathi and Benny in the coming days.  I continue to be moved by Benny's kind and gentle spirit.  I continue to be moved by so many beings kind and gentle spirits.
I have thought a lot about Michael Vic's dogs and how many of them remained loving.  They would probably love Michael Vic even today because it is their 'nature'.  How blessed are we to be among such beings?
Wishing you Love,

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Benny and Kathi meet!

Here is Benny looking up at Kathi.  Who could resist this face?  Kathi couldn't and though she got to spend a couple of hours with him she wished that it could have been more time..  She gave Benny a Reiki session and felt that Benny passed on to her information about gentleness and just being.   Gentleness and being, those qualities sure describe my experiences with Benny.
Here are some other photos from Kathi that really show how healthy and fuzzy he is:

There will be more photos and information from Kathi in another blog.  Until then,
Wishing you all visits from good friends,

Monday, March 21, 2011

Benny Kisses!

Do you kiss your dog on the lips?  I do.  Benny likes kisses and he is giving you one today!

Here is Benny getting ready to Kiss you:

SMACK..on your lips!

Kathi (who provided Reiki for Benny) is visiting Benny today so we will get a number of photos.  He will definitely give her a hug and kiss.  While waiting for Kathi to arrive here are some images of Benny having some fun:
and after playing, some bone chewing time:

Wishing you LOTS of Kisses,

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Where there is great love, there are always Miracles. -Willa Cather

Here is a photo of what some may call a miracle...a photo of Benny's hair:

For Benny to become this healthy has taken the love, caring, and support of many people.  I am guessing that many of you saw the images of the 2 dogs taken in Japan.  One dog refused to leave its friend who was clearly struggling.  It was a moving video and yet I would guess that everyone reading this blog can sight numerous examples of the compassion and love they have seen and received from their canine friends similar to what was shown on the video.  What an amazing gift to be involved with such forgiving and loving beings.  Benny continues to be friendly, kind and loving to the people he meets, an inspiring example.  Here are some additional photos of Benny.  Here he is expressing his love for Lady:

Here he is giving his Benny look:

Wishing you all Miracles,

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Benny is Fuzzy Wuzzy!  His hair is continuing to grow, and he has a brindle coat.  His skin is still a bit dry and yet, as you will see in the following photos he is looking quite good.
Today we will start our journey with Benny napping on Doug's lap:

Once Benny wakes up he talks with Doug and insists that it is time to go play:

If Doug isn't as motivated as Benny would like he discusses with his best friend, Sampson, how to get things moving:

Sampson is a good listener.
This past weekend Doug took Benny with him to Home Depot.  Even though Doug had a leash on him, Benny didn't need one.  He stayed with Doug, stopped, waited and was the wonderful Benny we have all grown to love.  Of course he was a charmer, people wanted to meet him and he was kind and friendly to everyone.  When Doug was checking out the cashier was gushing over Benny so he walked behind the counter to greet her, and flirt.  It was a fun trip for all.
Wishing you happy outings,
Benny who is Fuzzy

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Benny on the move

Here is a brief video of Benny walking around for your enjoyment!  I wish I had been able to video his progress, however, you will see that he is walking easily.  Also notice how much longer his Fuzz is growing.
Wishing you a nice walk,

Thursday, March 10, 2011

From fostered to Adopted!

Our hero, Doug has now officially adopted Benny!  Of course Benny and all of his friends are very happy about this.  Benny celebrated by running around:

Followed by a cooling off, eating some ice:

Of course what good is a celebration if you can't chew on an antler:

Or take a moment to ponder your Blessings:

and its best to finish this happy celebration with a nap in the sun:

Wishing you all the Blessing of belonging,

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Your real friends will tell you when your face is dirty.....and lick it clean!

Here are some recent photos of Benny with his friends.  You will notice that no ribs are showing on him anymore.  Also, look closely...closer...yes!  that is hair growing in.

Wishing you all cleanly licked faces,