Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
Kiss, Kiss

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Benny is Fuzzy Wuzzy!  His hair is continuing to grow, and he has a brindle coat.  His skin is still a bit dry and yet, as you will see in the following photos he is looking quite good.
Today we will start our journey with Benny napping on Doug's lap:

Once Benny wakes up he talks with Doug and insists that it is time to go play:

If Doug isn't as motivated as Benny would like he discusses with his best friend, Sampson, how to get things moving:

Sampson is a good listener.
This past weekend Doug took Benny with him to Home Depot.  Even though Doug had a leash on him, Benny didn't need one.  He stayed with Doug, stopped, waited and was the wonderful Benny we have all grown to love.  Of course he was a charmer, people wanted to meet him and he was kind and friendly to everyone.  When Doug was checking out the cashier was gushing over Benny so he walked behind the counter to greet her, and flirt.  It was a fun trip for all.
Wishing you happy outings,
Benny who is Fuzzy

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  1. In a few days Benny, we will be able to touch each other. I can't wait to feel your fuzziness. I am so honored to be able to see you face to face. Namaste sweet boy.