Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
Kiss, Kiss

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Where there is great love, there are always Miracles. -Willa Cather

Here is a photo of what some may call a miracle...a photo of Benny's hair:

For Benny to become this healthy has taken the love, caring, and support of many people.  I am guessing that many of you saw the images of the 2 dogs taken in Japan.  One dog refused to leave its friend who was clearly struggling.  It was a moving video and yet I would guess that everyone reading this blog can sight numerous examples of the compassion and love they have seen and received from their canine friends similar to what was shown on the video.  What an amazing gift to be involved with such forgiving and loving beings.  Benny continues to be friendly, kind and loving to the people he meets, an inspiring example.  Here are some additional photos of Benny.  Here he is expressing his love for Lady:

Here he is giving his Benny look:

Wishing you all Miracles,


  1. Hey Benny, I am in Lafayette, LA and on my way tomorrow to finally see you!!!!! I'll let Doug know when I think I'll be getting there. Can't wait to feel your fuzziness face to face.

  2. Beautiful ... just lovely, Benny. You just keep getting purtier and purtier..can't wait to see Kathi!!

  3. Benny you handsome and happy boy. Your lovely fur coat is quite striking. We get so giddy when we see a post from you. We love to see your personality coming through more and more and what a ham you are. Muchlove to you Mr. Benny Boy