Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
Kiss, Kiss

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beautiful Brindle Coat

Benny's coat is getting thicker and more beautiful.  He is still getting his fish oil caps everyday to help with his dry skin.  He is maintaining his weight at 48lbs though now he is building muscle.  Playing everyday with his pack mates and especially with his friend Billy is helping him get stronger.  He is running faster and jumping higher than ever before.
Benny makes numerous goofy faces which keep Doug this one:
Here Benny is enjoying the morning sun...look at his coat:

Here is another photo where he is chewing a bone and again his thicker coat is obvious:
He looks like a regular dog now!  This last photo is Benny playing with his good friend Billy:

Wishing all dogs with mange the chance to be rescued,


  1. Benny, how handsome you are! You are looking mighty fine these days and I see the spark of love and laughter in your eyes. What a fabulous coat of fur you are growing too. I couldn't be more happy for you yet everytime I hear from you, my heart just swells with pride at your willingness to give life a second chance. Much love to you Mr Benny Boy!

  2. I can still feel your soft fuzz. Soon it will be covering your body and keeping the sun off of your skin. Elsie is still growing in fur in places. She too has a lot of muscle from playing with her pack mates and chasing the ground squirrels. She says "do not forget to nap, a lot, as growing fur is hard work". Namaste Benny.