Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
Kiss, Kiss

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Last week I was heading home from my daily walk with Raven.  It was cold and fluctuating between hail and icy rain.  As I got closer to our street I could see the young neighbor boy outside walking with his head down and dipping his hands in and out of puddles.  When I reached him and asked what he was doing he said, "saving the worms from drowning."  Sure enough, he was carefully taking the worms out of puddles and carefully placing them on higher ground.
How is it that this young boy was moved to such an act of compassion?
One possible explanation is Heart Intelligence.  about sixty to sixty-five percent of all the cells in the heart are neural cells which are precisely the same as in the brain,
How do children 'learn' compassion?  How do any of us become compassionate?
One idea, that makes sense to me as taught by Joseph Chilton Pearce is that we model it.  He says: " as adults, actually move and have our being in the state of love, we can be appropriate models and guides for our children.  What we are teaches the child far more than what we say, so we must be what we want our children to become."
Perhaps this young boy has a compassionate mom or dad, compassionate teacher, perhaps compassionate neighbors?
If what we are is what we are teaching and modeling....what are we teaching and modeling?
I am waiting for some photos of Benny from our hero Doug.  So I will close today with a recent painting I did of my dog Raven.  I think many of you will be familiar with the expression on her face!
 So Raven here, filling in for Benny in wishing you all the experience of compassion,


  1. PJ...What a beatiful painting! Kim G.

  2. I hear Benny is about to get a snip job..lil' birdy tol' me..Cin

  3. Oh Benny, it isn't too bad. I got spayed last week and I felt a little groggy afterwards. But the next day I was ready to go. Mom kept me on a leash for that day. Now I get to run with everyone else. Still, I like my naps. Namaste Benny, Elsie.