Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

“It’s like you learn to swim by swimming. You learn compassion by compassioning.” Mary Daly

How do we learn compassion?  How do we become more compassionate?  Here is a photo of Benny, sound asleep after lunch and one of his pack-mates, Raspberry, comes over to lick his face:

Alas, then Benny wakes up!
So, compassion.....Augustus was about 2 years old when he was rescued by a 15 year old young man.  As this young man's mom describes it:  my son was acting strangely, and of course I had no idea why he was wandering back and forth through the yard with towels and such.  He finally needed to confess and called me down stairs.  " Tied up to my basement door was the saddest sight I had ever seen.  Augustus was emaciated, had scars like train tracks across his head and face, puncture wounds, and the pads of his feet were so swollen they were squishing up through his toes. His soft polka-dotted belly was bright pink and his fur was missing from various places on his body. The lady had given my son the dog's canine tooth in a Safeway bag and he had a rusty choke chain draped around his neck. He looked like a fighting dog and I knew we couldn't keep him. I knew people thought I was a nut already and the neighbors would be sure to report me. Well we made a bedroom up for him, with a comfy bed and agreed to keep him for the night. My girlfriend rushed over with various naturopathic remedies to sooth his body. He stunk so badly that we agreed he needed a bath. My husband looked at me and said, well this is the test, if I don't live through the bath, then you know you shouldn't keep the dog! Well to make a long love affair short, the dog was fine and loving and thankful. We all fixed him up and the next day he was brought upstairs. He met my other two dogs, and the foster pittie. And they were all fine...and so begins my fight and love for the underdog. Augustus has been with us for five years." 
Recently Augustus's family has been devastated to learn that he has cancer and they are doing everything they can to help him win this battle.
Here is another example of a young 15 yr old man's and his parents compassionate response.  Compassion is not frequently our first response.  In fact often when someone else is suffering our first response is likely to be one of self protection, i.e. we look for someone or something to blame.  We may protect ourselves from feeling by passing judgment or going into fix it mode.
However, like the parents of this 15 yr old, with practice compassion can become our response.  It is not as easy or as simple as it sounds to practice compassion however the effort is worth it.
Wishing you Compassion,

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  1. Compassion is one of the precepts of Reiki. For others and ourselves, everyday.
    Augustus needs Waiora.
    Namaste, Elsie