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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Only When We Understand Can We Care; Only When We Care Shall We Help" -Jane Goodall

I have been considering lately how we get to a place where we can actually harm children and animals.  I think that how we treat others has a lot to do with our upbringing.  Were we brought up learning respect and care for animals?  Many of us were not.  Jane Goodall was very fortunate, she was brought up by  a mom who encouraged her interest and respect for animals.  Jane's first memory of this was when she was almost a year old.  She brought a handful of earth worms to bed with her!  When her mom found them in bed with her she gently explained to Jane that the worms would die without earth.  So Jane took them back outside.
Probably most of us were not brought up this way and yet we can learn to care and share with our non humans by being educated.  When children are taught good information which enables them to have an understanding of the issues of non humans they will care.  For example, if children are taught about the painful cruelty that may result from the pet trade they will come to the conclusion themselves why it makes sense not to buy an exotic animal.
If knowledge and respect can lead a child to concern for animals then the reverse is also true.  Everytime a child sees an animal abused it will become easier for them to do the same behavior.
Children and adults who are kind to and respectful of animals also are much more likely to show respect and kindness to humans as well.

Wishing you kindness and respect for all beings,

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  1. I love that opening quote. Most children are drawn to other beings, openly curious and loving towards them. It is only as they travel life's path that they learn to either be kind and compassionate or indifferent or cruel. As the song says: "Teach, your children well...". Namaste Benny and Patti