Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
Kiss, Kiss

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bless All Others

I don't know why it occurred and yet it did.  For some reason Benny brought more fully the experience of Blessing into my life.  Each person he met he greeted and blessed with his heart even people who were afraid of him and many people were.  He had basically no hair and scabs all over so indeed look rather scary.
I learned from Benny that it is not possible to bless another by presuming a position of superiority for yourself and a position of inferiority on the 'other'. 
I learned that we are each responsible for the energy we bring to any situation and that our energy communicates before we ever open our mouth.  Thus we can Bless others with every breath, every action, every thought.
Each of us can bless.  Blessing is to ,"pronounce a wish for something upon another."  Have you noticed that when you are blessing another that your experience changes?  It is like walking into a neighborhood of kindness, our heart is moved to love life, and we become generous in love.
What moves you to bless? Love? Beauty?
Here is one of the amazing beings who moved me:

May we all be blessed today to have the courage to be generous in love,

Friday, May 27, 2011

"Never, never be afraid to do what's right especially if the well being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds on our souls when we look the other way." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Kim, one of Benny's followers sent the quote written above.  How is it that people are able to look the other way or even watch when a vulnerable human or non human is being abused?
Professor Robert Cialdini attempts to answer some of these questions in his  book, Influence. In it, Professor Cialdini discusses:
 "... a number of stimuli that trigger an automatic response in people, including the effect that "social proof" has on the human mind.
The mechanics of social proof, while somewhat complex, are pretty easy to understand. Simplistically, we humans have a strong tendency to glance over at other members of the herd in an attempt to gauge the correct action or reaction to take in any given circumstance. While this tendency can be useful in identifying the right bread plate to use at a fancy dinner party, it can also have devastating consequences.
In one of the most notorious examples of the downside of social proof, in 1964 Kitty Genovese was slowly murdered on a New York sidewalk over the course of about 30 minutes, despite 40 or so witnesses, none of whom took action. They figured someone else would."
Likewise average people will watch as someone hits their dog or loudly swears at their child in a store.
In any event, understanding the concept of social proof - and its close cousin "social convention" - seems to me to be of fundamental importance if we are to make changes towards protecting our vulnerable human and non human kin on this beautiful planet.
As far as the former is concerned, if you ever find yourself doing the same thing as everyone else, it may be useful to stop and ask whether you are doing the thing because you want to, or because you think it is right thing to do - or are you doing it just because it's what everyone else does?
As for the latter, if you rely on the cues coming from the mainstream  media and officialdom you would likely believe that being a bully in all its many forms is a valued and healthy behavior.
Even I find myself concerned that I maybe wrong about what is 'acceptable' abuse!  As if any abuse can be acceptable.
Here is a photo of Benny with another Reunion Rescue buddy, Mr Sweets.  Mr Sweets, like Benny recovered from a severe cases of mange.  Where are these two buddies hanging out?  At our hero Doug's place:

and Benny with more of his friends:

Wishing all of us the courage to continue working for a safer and healthier planet for all future generations to come,

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Communicating Peace

Here is Benny communicating:

Through the uniquely human characteristic of communication many positive changes have been made for our voiceless kin in the last couple of weeks.  Let me list just a couple.  Patrick, the dog that was starved and thrown down a garbage chute.  Due to the flood of communication demanding that Patricks abuser be prosecuted and this type of torture not be tolerated, Patricks abuser actually faces criminal charges.  The man who was caught in photos, beating his dog whom initially the police protected saying it was his right to beat his dog.  Well due again to a flood of communication this man now faces abuse charges.
What power there is when we come together and communicate.  What if the majority of us are truly wanting peace?  World peace, peace for all our voiceless kin, peace for the earth?  What if the majority of us are heart-disillusioned by war?  What if the majority of us want to get along with all the different religious groups and tribes on this planet?
What if the majority of us want to come together as one human family and say,"no more glorification of war and aggressive domination over any human or non-human?"
And, as one family we say, "if the media is used to promote glorification of aggressive domination we will not tolerate it."
The power when we come together for peace for all earthkind will be what changes our world.
May we all as peace desiring humankind speak out together.
May the truly human capability for peace-making be cultivated globally for all humans and non-humans.

May we communicate together for Peace,

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Water Sprays and Mothers Day

Benny here wishing all Moms a very Happy Mothers Day.  I am celebrating being alive today by playing in the water (notice my beautiful brindle coat!)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We are the Voice for Voiceless Animals.

Sometimes you read, hear or see something that is just so sadly unbelievable.  This happened to me today.  I read a story about a man who beat his dog while his friends watched.  A woman across the street called the police who told her that there was nothing they could do because it was this persons right to beat his dog.  How can that be? (here is a link to this story with photos of this bully beating his dog).
Animal Cruelty is a form of can this be within a persons rights?  Seldom does someone who abuses animals, only abuse animals.  Animal cruelty is linked to a variety of crimes including domestic violence, violence against people, and property crimes.
Because animals cannot speak for themselves we must speak for them.  Animal cruelty is illegal in every state.  I was taught that calling the Police resulted in help for the animal.  Since this is not apparently the case in Gloversville NY then the local humane Society must be called.  I did a search and found this humane society:

James A. Brennan Memorial Humane Society

437 Nine Mile Tree Road
gloversville, New York 12078
Phone: 518-725-0115

 Please join me in speaking up for voiceless animals.  Call or e-mail the humane society listed above and tell them about what happened in Gloversville.  If you e-mail them you can send the link to the article.  Share this information with your friends.  Every time a group of us make a stand against abuse we are making the world a safer home for all of us.

Speaking up for Benny is what saved his life.
May our voices be used to bring peace,