Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Communicating Peace

Here is Benny communicating:

Through the uniquely human characteristic of communication many positive changes have been made for our voiceless kin in the last couple of weeks.  Let me list just a couple.  Patrick, the dog that was starved and thrown down a garbage chute.  Due to the flood of communication demanding that Patricks abuser be prosecuted and this type of torture not be tolerated, Patricks abuser actually faces criminal charges.  The man who was caught in photos, beating his dog whom initially the police protected saying it was his right to beat his dog.  Well due again to a flood of communication this man now faces abuse charges.
What power there is when we come together and communicate.  What if the majority of us are truly wanting peace?  World peace, peace for all our voiceless kin, peace for the earth?  What if the majority of us are heart-disillusioned by war?  What if the majority of us want to get along with all the different religious groups and tribes on this planet?
What if the majority of us want to come together as one human family and say,"no more glorification of war and aggressive domination over any human or non-human?"
And, as one family we say, "if the media is used to promote glorification of aggressive domination we will not tolerate it."
The power when we come together for peace for all earthkind will be what changes our world.
May we all as peace desiring humankind speak out together.
May the truly human capability for peace-making be cultivated globally for all humans and non-humans.

May we communicate together for Peace,


  1. You are the best! I love what you have to say, and Benny are changing the world.

  2. And we have a choice, a choice to not buy into the fear that the media/politicos promote. One of the precepts of Reiki is "Do not worry, for fear is a distraction". Benny's only worry is how to get Doug to play with him. Nice that that is all Benny seems to worry about.
    Another precept of Reiki is "Do not bear anger, for anger is an illusion". This one takes a little more contemplation to truly understand. I am still contemplating.
    Benny you are so wise and at peace with yourself. May we all strive to be that way. Namaste