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Benny Kisses!
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We are the Voice for Voiceless Animals.

Sometimes you read, hear or see something that is just so sadly unbelievable.  This happened to me today.  I read a story about a man who beat his dog while his friends watched.  A woman across the street called the police who told her that there was nothing they could do because it was this persons right to beat his dog.  How can that be? (here is a link to this story with photos of this bully beating his dog).
Animal Cruelty is a form of can this be within a persons rights?  Seldom does someone who abuses animals, only abuse animals.  Animal cruelty is linked to a variety of crimes including domestic violence, violence against people, and property crimes.
Because animals cannot speak for themselves we must speak for them.  Animal cruelty is illegal in every state.  I was taught that calling the Police resulted in help for the animal.  Since this is not apparently the case in Gloversville NY then the local humane Society must be called.  I did a search and found this humane society:

James A. Brennan Memorial Humane Society

437 Nine Mile Tree Road
gloversville, New York 12078
Phone: 518-725-0115

 Please join me in speaking up for voiceless animals.  Call or e-mail the humane society listed above and tell them about what happened in Gloversville.  If you e-mail them you can send the link to the article.  Share this information with your friends.  Every time a group of us make a stand against abuse we are making the world a safer home for all of us.

Speaking up for Benny is what saved his life.
May our voices be used to bring peace,


  1. I am surprised that the police did nothing. Not a thing. A life is a life. This community needs a lot of blessings heaped upon them. Sending that much love will cause them to rethink what happened. Perhaps to turn some around. Maybe, just maybe, they will open their eyes, and their hearts.

    Benny, I am so glad that someone spoke up for you. May we all be able to speak up and stop the harm from happening.

  2. "Never, never be afraid to do what's right especially if the well being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds on our souls when we look the other way." - Martin Luther King Jr.