Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Benny Enjoying a Sprinkler

Yes, that is our boy Benny putting his face in a sprinkler!  I feel at times lately like I want to put my face in a sprinkler too....or my head in the sand.
Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by how many incredibly beautiful, sensitive, and loving animals are killed  each day.  I am not talking about animals who are in horrible pain, I am talking about healthy animals.
I sometimes feel overwhelmed with sadness by way too many people casually breeding their dogs without understanding what happens to those puppies they can't find homes for.
We have a nice word for where we take the dogs and cats we can't find homes for, we call it a 'shelter.'  Just the word 'shelter' sounds nice doesn't it?  Sounds like a comforting and safe place.  Its what we want to believe.  But, what if we were honest?  What if we actually called this place something that actually described where we were dropping animals off?  Names like, "Euthanasia Kennel, a place where your animal has a week before being killed."  Or, "Death Camp".  Would it then be as easy to say, "oh, if I can't sell these puppies I will just drop them off at the Death Camp".  Or," well if we can't sell these kittens we'll just take them to the Euthanasia Kennel to be killed."
I truly believe if we were more honest in our language that changing our use of killing animals as a solution would become less and less tolerable because we would be admitting what we were doing.  I actually think that we need to stop using the word 'Shelter' (unless a place truly is a shelter) and we need to start using accurate words. 
When people bring an animal into a 'shelter' and are given false reassurances about the possibility of this animal finding a home it continues the cycle of deception which continues the cycle of killing. I think it would be far kinder for the person at the counter to say, honestly, "There is a 60% chance we will be unable to place your dog.  Your dog will be here one week before being killed." 
    What really happens to dogs and cats when they enter a 'shelter':
-   The ASPCA estimates that 5 out of 10 shelter dogs and 7 out of 10 shelter cats are euthanized annually across the nation in large part because the number of animals entering shelters is far greater than the number of animals that are adopted from shelters.
May Dogs and Cats not be casually breed,
May Dogs and Cats be spayed and neutered,
May Dogs and Cats find loving homes,


  1. Benny and have inspired Del and me...I tried to write my blog about Del taking a bath, but ended up bitching about rescue haha..

  2. Someone should tell Benny that is no way to get a drink.

  3. Great Blog, I actually am an admin of the No Kill san Diego facebook page and Please come visit and look at all the links on our info page. The No kill movment is growing. I refuse to call them shelters until they stop killing for space purposes. And I refuse to use the term Euthanasia whixh is an act of mercy. When these pounds are killing to make room for more, its not euthanasia, its just plain old killing. There is a proven no kill equation. Proven programs and procedures to end the killing. Reno has done it (they have a 90% save rate, Charlottesville has done it and many other communities all over the country. The ones that dont just refuse to change because it's easier to kill them. No kill programs actually save taxpayer dollars and shelter dollars. Please contat me if you want to get involved or learn more. Love your blog and read your articles.!/pages/No-Kill-San-Diego/176149375733600