Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Love Creates Change

Sometimes to be fiercely angry is necessary and healthy.  Anger is one of the ways we deal with things that must be changed.  I am not talking about petty anger.  I am talking about anger that rises out of Love.   To make changes we must become sensitive to how things really are in the world.  Many of us struggle with parental messages telling us to stop being difficult, so we suppress our emotions in order to not create an unpleasant atmosphere.  If we follow these parental dictates then we will at some point cease to be capable of healthy anger or even the expression of anger in healthy ways.  One of the consequences of this is that whatever is going on in the world will seem fine and we will be exploitable.  We will go along with the negative and destructive forces of society.
We must be capable of anger and sensitivity in the face of subhuman behavior.  We must express this healthy anger in creative and 'awareness' producing ways or growth will not occur.
Do not agree to being exploitable.
Love is alive when one is in touch with their own  fear, anger, sadness and happiness.....and Love is more than all of these emotions.  Love is strong.......and one must be strong to speak up about and respond to people who are numb in their feeling and thus capable of being cruel and destructive.
We must continue to speak up for all of the voiceless non-humans, our oceans and all life within them, trees, bees, dogs, cats, flowers.....
We must continue to speak up for all the vulnerable humans, children, mentally ill, elderly, homeless.....
Love creates change and sometimes the anger that rises out of love is the fuel needed to continue.

Wishing you all aliveness in love,


  1. Well, boy you hit the nail on the head hahaha....there is an unaltered female who has been giving Benny a run for his money. This spring and summer have been fraught with new experiences for Benny. I think this must be his first encounter with a mature lady and like most men, doesn't know how to handle it.

  2. I just want to kiss those lips! They remind me of Elsie's.
    Benny, your words of wisdom have struck home with me. Many times I suppress anger that I feel needs to come out. In Reiki there is a precept that says "Do not bear anger, for anger is an illusion". So now what? The key there is the word "bear", for when we hold on to it, the anger, it does become an illusion. We think that we are going to get something accomplished in our anger when really we just spin our wheels.
    namaste Benny - Elsie and kathi