Benny Kisses!

Benny Kisses!
Kiss, Kiss

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Walking this humble path together

Well, Benny's path has lead us to the place where he was finally healthy enough to get neutered and have his eye fixed.

Here is Benny leaving the vets a bit wobbly:

Here is Benny's eye after surgery:
Here is Billy taking care of Benny after his ordeal:

Benny's health being this good is a huge success.  We have all walked this humble path with Benny together.
May we all have loving friends on our journey through life,
Thank you,


  1. Oh Benners! Poor guy! Don't you worry, you'll feel great in no time. It is so great knowing that you are all healthy and happy now! Your fur coat is looking quite full and gorgeous these days! What was the eye surgery for?

  2. We hope Benny continues on a healthy path.

  3. Yay Benny!!! So booooootiful looking. Elsie got the all clear from her vet this week too! No more mites or even skeletons. Doc said to keep up the immune support that I was doing cause it is key to keeping her healthy! No more baths or rinses. I bet you smell as good as she does. Whoot!! Love you Benny!